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Book Club Coaching

Gather 2-4 friends together for the book club with a purpose!

8 (one hour) meetings (by telebridge call) for $100 per person plus book purchase.


 "Listen to Your Life" (Following Your Unique Path to Extraordinary Success) by Valorie Burton.

This book is about finding and following your unique path to extraordinary success and is based on 7 principles:

CONNECTION - Getting in Touch with God, Yourself, and Others

SELF CURIOSITY- Exploring Who You Are and What You Want

VISION - Creating a Clear and Compelling Picture of Your Ideal Life

CREATIVITY -  Stretching Your Mind to Explore All Your Options

EXPECTANCY - Living in a Way that Attracts Success

FLOW - Adapting to the Unexpected Twists and Turns of Life and

ABUNDANCE - Believing That Everything You Need Is Available to You.

Each week we will read, discuss and coach around one of these principles and explore how living them can bring purpose and success into your life!



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Featured Book #2

"Where will you go from Here?" (Moving Forward When Life Doesn't Go as Planned) by Valorie Burton

This book is about moving forward when life doesn't go as planned and covers the following topics:

THIS ISN'T THE WAY YOU PLANNED IT - When Your World Turns Upside Down

WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOU? - How to Access the Damage and Get Clear About Exactly Where You Are

HOW DID YOU END UP HERE? - Examining the Path That Led You Here Can Yield Crucial Clues About What to Do - and What Not to Do - Next

WHAT ARE YOU MOST AFRAID OF? - Calling Out Your Fears Is the First Step to Conquering Them

HOW CAN YOU REGAIN YOUR CONFIDENCE? - Finding Stability and Strength to Prepare for Your Comeback

WHERE CAN YOU TURN FOR HELP? - Learning to Receive with Grace and Humility

WHERE WILL YOU GO FROM HERE? - Deciding Whether to Forge a New Path or Return to the Old One

DO YOU NEED TO REDEFINE YOURSELF? - Gaining a Clearer Picture of Your Authentic Self and Coming to Terms with Your New Identity

WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO GET THERE FROM HERE? - Designing Your Comeback: Step by Step

ARE YOUR THOUGHTS HOLDING YOU BACK? - Thinking Carefully About How You Think

WHY DON'T YOU FEEL HAPPIER BY NOW? - Reclaiming Your Joy Even Before Your Comeback is Complete

HOW CAN YOU FIND THE GOOD IN ALL THIS? - Growing Through Your Trials, Not Just Going Through Them

Each week we will read and coach around a topic in the book and explore how you can best move forward in your own life even when it hasn't gone as planned.

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