Here to There Life Coaching
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About Coaching

Where are you in your life's journey right now?
Where would you like to go?
What would it look like to have a clear picture and vision to get there?

If you were given the opportunity to embark on an exciting journey of discovery filled with possibility, would you take it?

The journey from "here" (where you are now) to "there" (where you want to be) is a journed filled with possibility. It is an opportunity for fresh starts and new directions, an opportunity to recapture old dreams or follow new ones, an opportunity to discover where you are in life's journey and where you want to be and to develop a creative plan to get there.

What can Life Coaching do for me?

Do you see yourself here?

  • New Business Start-Up 
  • Searching for Life Purpose/Balance 
  • Pursuing a Dream 
  • Career Change 
  • Mid-Life Transitions 
  • Chronic Illness

So often a "gap" exists between where we are now ("here") and where we want to be ("there"). Life Coaching is an excellent way to bridge that gap!

A Life Coach partners with you to begin to look at passion, potential and possibility in your life. Through coaching conversations, you will have an opportunity to gain new awareness, develop new perspectives and mindsets, discover your gifts and talents, operate in your strengths and clarify what’s most important to you. The reward to you will be a life lived with passion, purpose and joy!

Are you ready to begin your journey from here to there?

The process of life coaching can help. In fact, it just may change your life.

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