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One Mother’s Thoughts on Mother’s Day

Posted by Terry Gassett on

One Mother’s Thoughts on Mother’s Day

Each Mother's Day I like to remind each of my three (now-grown) children of the sacrifices I've made as a mother, both as they came into this world, and as I raised them to be the fine young men and women they have become.

For my daughter that means listening to the story (again) of how I labored for 20 looong hours, without pain medication of any kind, determined to bring her into this world going the natural childbirth route. It means listening to how the doctors let me labor for those twenty looong hours under the illusion that nature would indeed eventually take its course, only to receive news that I had to have an emergency C-Section before she would make her debut into this world.
For my oldest son, it means listening to me tell the story of spending nine long months of pregnancy confined to bed rest due to a condition referred to as placenta previa. It means listening to me tell the story of stopping off at Mama Harbison's for lunch and one last piece of carrot cake before going into labor and delivery, then spending my prep time for my scheduled C-Section with my head in a puke pan because I ate too much!
And last but not least, my youngest - also born by C-Section - has to listen to me recount how he refused to come out of the womb until the doctors cut an extra incision above the bikini line, forever putting an end to all hope that I could one day wear a bikini again.

Then of course I like to remind them of the endless sleepless nights caring for them as newborns, the terrible twos, and the always interesting teen years where they each began to spread their wings to fly, while I ran around frantically trying to clip them back!

Then, each Mother's Day they remind me (not with words) but with their presence, just how blessed I am to be a mother - to be their mother. For you see, each one of them is special, each one is a gift to me - a gift that has made my life more interesting, more rewarding, more fulfilled.

They have taught me far more valuable lessons than I have probably taught them. They have taught me that Motherhood is indeed a noble profession - a valuable undertaking. As a mother, I have been entrusted with the care of three precious gifts, which each came wrapped in their own unique boxes, and to this day never cease to amaze me with the joy that each gift holds. They have taught me the value of unconditional love, both given and received. They have taught me the value of holding on and letting go. They have taught me the value of tears and the value of laughter. They have taught me the value of prayer and the privilege of being on my knees for them before the Lord. They have taught me to be grateful - grateful for the moments which make up a life - which make up Motherhood.

So this Mother's Day - I'd also like to remind my children not only of the sacrifices I've made as a mother for them - but of the blessings I've received from them - blessings that far outweigh any sacrifice I ever made or could ever make for them. And I'd like to remind them how very much I love them.


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