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Life Design Coaching


Thank you for visiting my website.  I'm Terry Gassett, a Certified Professional Life Coach and I specialize in "Life Design Coaching." I started my business, Here to There Christian Life Coaching, to help women like you design and live a life you will love!

Design: Moving From Possibility To Reality

I have always been interested in design, both the process and the outcome. It is thrilling to envision what is possible and then work to make that possibility a reality!

It has always been exciting to me to witness the transformation that takes place as a skilled designer takes a home that no longer meets the needs of the owners, and catching their vision, helps them transform it into a home they will love living in!

My work as a Life Design Coach is very similar and just as exciting!

Life Coaching and Design have so much in common. Both are a creative discovery process.  Both involve looking at what is possible and creating a plan to turn that possibility into reality.  Both start with a gap between where you are now (here) and where you want to be (there).

In designing a home, the elements of design - color, shape, texture, space and form need to inspire and be an authentic expression of who you are. 

The aspects of your life - your purpose, passion, personality, needs and core values need to be lived in keeping with your calling and the ways you have been gifted, and also be an authentic expression of who you are.

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Who I Work With

As a life design coach, I work with Creative Christian Women who want to design and live an in.spired life. But not just any Creative Christian Woman, I work with the"Crazy" ones - the ones that have a dream deep in their soul, a passion burning from the inside out, a calling that won't stop calling their name. I work with the "Crazy" ones who who are willing to ignore logic, push past seemingly insurmountable obstacles and find the courage to answer  that all too familiar taunting question - "ARE YOU CRAZY?"  with a resounding "YES!!" - all because of a dream.

I work with Women who are ready to give themselves permission to free up the creative space needed to design a home, life or business that is a true expression of who they are.  Women who want to discover and use their gifts and talents to live lives of passion and purpose.  Women who want to make a difference in the world at large or their own little corner of it.

Women Like You!

Designing Your In.spired Life

Are there areas of your life that you have become dissatisfied with?  Do you sense that you are in need of a change, but just don't know where to begin? I can help you with this design processes. 

Do you lack purpose and passion in life? Are you ready to define and focus on what really matters most to you?Through the creative process of Life Design Coaching, I can help you discover and design your purpose-full life.

As an entrepreneur, do you find yourself ready to take the plunge and move forward with that new business idea, but aren't quite sure where to start?  I can help you in that design process. 

Are you going through a major transition voluntarily or involuntarily (perhaps even kicking and screaming all along the way)? I can help you design a way to move more smoothly through that transition. 

Or have you have finally decided its time to invest in yourself and design a process to move your internal dreams to the external world and create and live a life you will LOVE? 

It would be my privilege to come alongside you in any or all of these life challenges and opportunities and help you discover and design a life you will love!

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