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Professional Bio

What Qualifies Me to Be A Coach?

Bluntly, because I am every client.  Because I am a ordinary woman just like you with an extraordinary dream - to in.spire others to pursue their dreams by pursuing mine.  Because I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk. I have made the journey from potential (Here) to reality (There) and designed a life I love and I am passionate about helping you do the same!

Professional Training

I have been professionally trained and certified through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute and I abide by the ICF Code of Ethics. This training, coupled with being able to call upon my own business and life experiences, enables me to serve my clients thoroughly and effectively. 

Business Experience

In addition to my coaching practice of Here to There, my husband and I envisioned, designed, built and operated Le Jardin Bed and Breakfast in Natchez, Mississippi, which we owned and operated for a number of years, until relocating recently..

Both businesses gave me the opportunity to gain practical hands-on business experience; and both businesses were a direct outcome of my own personal quest to design a life I loved and live in it! 

Life Experience

I have been happily married to the Rev. William Gassett and served together with him in the ministry for 30 years until his recent retirement.  

We have been blessed with 3 beautiful children and three precious grandchildren. I had the privilege of homeschooling two of our children from kindergarten through high school. And now, I have the privilege of spoiling my three granddaughters while letting their parents shoulder the responsibility of raising them! Oh, how I love being "Nina" to each of them! 

Like you, I've experienced my own trials.  When my first husband walked out on me, I found myself in the unexpected role of "single mom." While working full time in the legal field, I experienced all the challenges of balancing work and raising a child alone. I understand the joys and frustrations of single moms and applaud them for their sacrifices.  It is my pleasure to take their hand and encourage them in their journey.

Through the grace of Jesus Christ, I have learned to live a joyful and full life of service despite the challenges of a chronic illness and it is my honor to help others who find themselves facing similar challenges. 

After a season of shattered dreams, I learned the value of surrendering both myself and the shards of these broken dreams over to God's redemptive power and have experienced first hand His miracle of restoration!

Now, as a mature woman in my sixties, I am devoting myself to helping women discover and design lives that are authentic expressions of who they are. I am also currently working on my first book entitled "Breathe - Just - Breathe." 

What I Believe

I believe that we are created in the image of God and have value and worth simply because we have been given the gift of life by Him.

I believe that because of Jesus's suffering, death and resurrection, we now live a redeemed life and that our past does not predict our future.

I believe we serve a Creative God, who in His wisdom and grace, has given each of us both natural talent and spiritual gifts and it is when we operate in these giftings that we live our most authentic and in.spired life.

I believe than an in.spired life is a life where we first breathe in the extraordinary gifts of God on ordinary days, filling us with the inspiration to create, then breath out those gifts as we create and share our in.spiration with others.

I believe that an in.spired life is a joyful life.

I believe that you have something unique to offer the world.

I believe the world needs your gift.

What are you waiting for?

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