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Below you'll find the answers to my most frequently asked questions. If you don't see your question here or after browsing through our site, please contact me.

Why in the World Would I Need a Life Coach?

A Life Coach can help you live a better life today and prepare for a brighter future tomorrow. He/she provides needed support and accountability by coming alongside and standing with you as you make the desired changes in your life to truly live it fully! 

Can I afford it?

Can you afford NOT to? An investment in coaching is an investment in yourself! Can you put a price on what turning your potential into reality will mean for you? That said, Life Coaching really isn't all that expensive - I think that you will find the services both beneficial and reasonable.

Isn't a Life Coach Just for the Rich and Famous?

No! Life Coaching is for everyone who wants positive change - either for a specific area of life or to achieve overall balance in all areas.

When is Life Coaching Useful?

Both individuals and groups may find Life Coaching useful. Life Coaching is beneficial in just about any facet of life or ministry: Small Business Start-up; Life Purpose/Balance; Life Design; Values-Based Life/Ministry; Wellness; Stress Reduction; Relationships and Transition.

How Does It Work?

We will meet either in person or over the phone for a coaching conversation at a mutually agreeable time. Each session lasts 45 minutes. One, two or three sessions per month are available as well as additional formats to meet your individual or group needs.
During each session, your agenda is the focus. As your coach I do not have the answers. But through creative and thought provoking conversations, I ask the questions that aid you in accessing the answers.
You are the one who will decide on the path that best fits your agenda. You will set goals to move forward along that path. During a coaching session, we will deal with any obstacles which may be keeping you from accomplishing your goals as they come up and find creative ways to deal with or overcome them.
As your coach, I will encourage, support, pray for you and hold you accountable for accomplishing your goals so that you can move from potential to reality!


Why Can't I Just Make These Changes on My Own? 

Well, simply put - it you could have, you probably would have! Change is often hard - but the right changes at the right time can really make a difference in your quality of life. Having a trained Life Coach, skilled in asking the right questions and providing both encouragement and accountability, can make the difference between dreaming about a better future or achieving one! 

How Do I Get Started? 

Set up a complimentary discovery session with me by submitting an email using the contact form. There is no obligation or hard sale - just a getting to know you time and an opportunity for you to share your heart and ask any questions you might have about the coaching process.