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"I have never used a life coach before Terry. I wasn't even entirely sure what one did,
but I knew I needed some direction in my life. She was wonderful and my overall
experience was great and very helpful! Terry helped me discover my life's passion,
prioritize my goals and organize my life. She did this in a way that was not at all pushy
or intrusive. She asked questions and gave me various tools to figure out these things
myself. Through her coaching, I not only gained perspective on what is truly important
to me (not as easy as it sounds!) but also the education to utilize certain techniques in
making important decisions in the future.

I highly recommend Terry as a life coach. She was very warm and easy to open up to--
Important qualities in a life coach. if you're feeling overwhelmed, adrift or just spinning
too many plates in the air, you should definitely consider a life coach. You won't be
disappointed if you choose Terry."

~ R.T. - Dallas, Texas

"Before I started my life coaching, I was feeling stuck and discouraged and going
nowhere. I had just been laid-off from work and didn't know what I wanted to do next.
Through the process of being coached by Terry, I discovered a lot about myself and
learned what was holding me back. This journey not only helped me discover my gifts
and talents, but it gave me the confidence to pursue a career in what I am passionate

I know that today I am living out God's purpose and plan for my life, which is a direct
outcome of being coached by Terry."

~ C.D. - Fort Worth, Texas

"If you are trying to make a transition in life or plot a new course, it can be very helpful to
have someone with whom to talk. Better however, is to have someone who can guide
the conversation into a productive path, asking questions that get you thinking and
motivated to venture out. That's what Coach Terry can do. She has helped me greatly
with her insightful questions and positive encouragement. Sometimes you also need a
swift kick in the pants to get moving! Coach Terry will NOT do that, but she will hold you
accountable in kicking your own behind - in a productive and beneficial way. I heartily
recommend Coach Terry to anyone who is looking for a partner in getting, as she would
say, from "Here to There."

~ B.G. - Natchez, Mississippi