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Who Am I?

When no one is looking, I can dance around the house like a fool while listening to Tina Turner belt out the lyrics to "I Might Have Been Queen."

I get to wear a soft pink cotton dress one day, a little too tight jeans the next and an elegant black dress to dinner the same night.

I am friend to many, but my love and faithfulness is given to just one.

I can change my mind in an instant, the color of my hair in an afternoon  and completely redesign a room if given a bit longer.

I have experienced the privilege and pangs of childbirth, both in bringing forth children as well as birthing a creative idea.

I love the first succulent bite of a juicy cling peach in summer or the after dinner indulgence of tiramisu.

I can cook Chicken Alfredo for two or ten one evening, only to serve my family frozen pizza the next.

My sphere of  influence can reach as far as the other side of the world or can be limited to my own little corner of it. 

I can wipe a tear from a child's eyes, share a knowing look with my husband, laugh hysterically with a friend and bring a smile to the face of a stranger.

I can help one loved one give voice to a dream, while simultaneously coming alongside another who is picking up the pieces of a shattered one.

I can talk .. I can talk about religion and politics and how we should change the world; I can talk about things that matter and things that don't; I can talk about people I know and places I've visited; I can talk about a new business venture or a new recipe; I can talk about my husband's new job or his old boss; my kid's latest achievements, my grandchild's newest adventure, that perfect shade I'm repainting my bedroom, or the gathering I'm going to attend next weekend.

I can write a letter of encouragement or draft a "Letter to the Editor" ranting about a policy I find unfair.

You may find me sitting in a coffee shop writing, speaking confidently before a group of women on running a solo business, or waiting hesitantly in a corner at a party trying to figure out what to say when introduced to someone I do not know.

You can find me operating a grossly underpaid taxi service as I shuttle my children around town, while simultaneously caring for a sick or elderly parent. 

My emotions can soar on wings of eagles or coax me to find solace for an afternoon  under the covers of my bed. 

I can drop a $100 in an instant on something I adore, but haggle a salesman to near death over the delivery charge on an appliance I need.

One day you will find me working 16 hours straight on a project deadline for my business and the next you may find me curled up on the couch with a good book or watching an "I Love Lucy" Marathon.

I am in your homes, your medical facilities, your legal systems, your educational systems, your business sectors and your places of worship.

I am known by many different names to many different people, wife, mother, daughter, sister, doctor, lawyer, nurse, teacher, entrepreneur, and child of God.

I am the same, but ever changing.  I am completely transparent, yet remain a mystery. 

I have the privilege of molding and shaping lives, influencing the world for good and sowing seeds or love and kindness wherever I go. 

Who Am I?

I am Woman - a title I wear confidently, proudly and gratefully.


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